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Kamryn Torr
Sophomore, Kamryn Torr, born October 28, 2000, joined newspaper her freshman year and has returned to write for the McIntosh Trail. She played soccer for the school last year. She is looking forward to playing soccer throughout high school and is striving to receive a scholarship from Penn State or UNC.

Originally from Marietta, Kamryn moved to Peachtree City at 3.  Her family never owned any pets, and she still doesn’t have a desire to because it would be inconvenient, as she focuses most of her time on school work and playing for a travel soccer team.  Being an athlete, she is most comfortable with writing articles revolving around sports and similar events having to do with school. If she were to describe herself using three emojis, she’d chose the soccer ball, the rolling eyes emoji, and the football. She would use the rolling eyes emoji because she makes a lot of sarcastic comments, to which people will roll their eyes. In choosing the football emoji, she noted her love for the Penn State football team and said, “I have an obsession with football and am  looking forward to playing powderpuff football my junior and senior year.”

Along with being a student at McIntosh, and a devoted athlete, she is also a babysitter. Her inspiration is drawn from family members as they motivate her to work hard and strive to be the best student and player she can be. Her dad, mom, and sisters, Jordan and Peyton, all work hard and have each contributed to the person she has become and everything she has achieved.

Kamryn Torr, Sports Editor

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