Class Officers For The Class Of 2019 Decorate The Senior Swamp


Jack Bragg

A “SENIORS ONLY!” sign is displayed at the end of the History hall before entering the “swamp”.

Kamryn Torr, Editor In Chief

Decorating the hallway of lockers between the English hall and the History hall upstairs before the first day of school has been a tradition through many generations of McIntosh Chiefs. The hallway goes from looking like every other hallway in the school to being decorated as the “Senior Swamp”. 

Each year, the incoming freshmen are told to try avoiding the Senior Swamp because that is the main location in the school where seniors’ lockers are located. This area of the school is said to be a prime spot for seniors to sticker the freshmen on the first day of school, which is why freshmen try to avoid that hallway.

Freshman Laila Curtin said, “I thought it would be fun to go through the senior swamp to see all the seniors and the fun atmosphere of the swamp. However, a lot of my friends tried to avoid it because they were scared of the seniors and the idea of getting stickered made them nervous.”

“The senior swamp was a surprise to me,” freshman Matthew Hochberg said. “When I saw it, I tried to avoid it.”

This year, upcoming seniors Kate Cullen, Mikaela Rohn, Charlotte Moore, Shelby Fuentes, Jack Bukowski, Blase DeGolian, Lucy Stone, Chloe Minor, Claire Traylor, and Jack Bragg all contributed to helping decorate the Senior Swamp. 

Senior Jack Bragg said, “I volunteered partly because I am a member of the student government, but also because I really enjoy how the class is able to put their own spin on the swamp and is able to decorate it in their own way. It just kind of continues that tradition of bringing in the new senior class, showing the freshman who’s in charge and it’s just a really fun time altogether.”

Senior Chloe Minor said, “It was really exciting because it finally set in that we’re seniors and it was a lot of fun to decorate with some of the best people I’ve met in my 4 years at McIntosh.”