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Bill that Aims to Make Abortion Illegal After 20 Weeks Passes in the House

Angelia Graham, Staff Writer

October 24, 2017

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The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act passed in the House on October 3rd. The bill proposes making abortion illegal in every state in the country after 20 week, except in cases of risk to the mother, rape, and incest. According...

Homecoming 2017 Slideshow

Homecoming 2017 Slideshow

October 23, 2017

Apple Moves to Dominate the Market With The New iPhone 8

Dani Gray, Staff Writer

September 25, 2017

Filed under News

The iPhone is believed by many to have made a mark on our culture, and it's a defining feature of today's world. Its sleek design is satisfying, and the speed of its software is nothing short of perfection. Everyone has heard ...

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