McIntosh Trail

2019-2020 Staff

Samantha Cornett

Editor in Chief

Senior Sam Cornett has been a part of the Trail staff since her freshman year. She held the Sports Editor position for both her sophomore and junior year, and is now the Editor in Chief. Between being an editor for the Trail, Sam also writes for the local magazine, Lake Kedron Living. She also spends her free time working at Chick-fil-A. She participated in two years of the Lady Chiefs soccer progr...

Jaden Gadsden

Staff Writer

Jaden Gadsden is a sophomore here at McIntosh High School. She’s loved reading and writing for as long as she can remember and working with the Trail really lets her express her love for literature. She comes from a large family and is the middle child out of five children, so she is very family-oriented. She was born in Ohio and moved to Peachtree City from New Hampshire before ninth grade, so she is f...

Audra O’Clair

Staff Writer

Audra O’Clair is a sophomore at McIntosh High School. She has been playing the piano for a couple years and has been apart of chorus for four years. She moved from the upper peninsula of Michigan to Georgia. She has a very close relationship with her family and loves to spend quality time with them. Audra is very motivated in school and maintains high grades. She chose to take journalism as a way to ...

Izzy Pullias

Staff Writer

Izzy Pullias is a 10th grader at McIntosh High School. She joined newspaper almost unexpectedly. She wanted to try something new, and get more involved with current events. She is super excited about the year to come, and while she may not know too much about newspaper, she is excited to learn and maybe even grow as a person. One of her main goals this year is to improve her writing, connect to a team,...

Max Lawson

Staff Writer

Max Lawson is a hardworking staff member that had no idea what journalism was before this year. He is in 10th grade and working on becoming a better photographer and writer in general. He loves taking sports photos and has an eye for nature. He’s scared of breaking things in the classroom such as cameras, but is getting over it. If he could be any kitchen utensil it would definitely be a spork....

Jackson Johnson

Staff Writer

Sophomore Jackson Johnson is new to the trail this year. Jackson joined the trail this year because of an older friend who said it would be a lot of fun. Jackson’s goal this year is to improve on his nose for news and getting to know what's going on around him. Jackson plays soccer for the Mcintosh varsity team and won his first state championship last year. Outside of school Jackson plays on a clu...

Elijah Smith

Staff Writer

Elijah Smith is a junior at McIntosh High School. This is his first year writing for the trail. Elijah enjoys listening to music, playing video games, and spending time with friends. Along with writing for the trail, Elijah marches trombone in the Spirit of McIntosh Band. He also is an Eagle Scout in Troop 75 in Peachtree City. His interest in journalism comes from his father who is a TV news anchor....

Alexzandria Bowen

Staff Writer

Alexzandria Bowen is a brand-new Junior to McIntosh High School. This is her first year as a Trail staff member. Alex loves writing, dancing, and music. She’s an active member in the school’s band, and marching band. In her free time, she is mainly out riding around, or sitting at home watching Netflix. She’s hoping to expand her writing, and make new friends along the way. She’s very excited t...

Zack Stone

Staff Writer

Zack Stone is thrilled to be joining the Trail staff for his senior year at McIntosh! His passions for reading, writing, current events, and storytelling make him ready and enthused for a full year of reporting, where he hopes to learn more about topics he is passionate about and spread up to date, accurate information on those subjects. Zack appreciates using a ‘ck’ to spell his name, loves being ...

Landon Wilde

Staff Writer

Landon Wilde is a sophomore that writes for The Trail and plays for McIntosh on the baseball team. He wanted to join The Trail staff to improve his writing skills and learn more about his interests. Landon is most interested is writing about sports and learning about photography. He believes that his experience in sports will allow him to write a more detailed and interesting story. What he enjoys most abou...

Adelaide Barrett

Staff Writer

Adelaide Barrett is a junior and first year member of the Trail staff. She is thrilled to have the opportunity to improve her writing and photography skills while reporting on MHS life. This year, she hopes to write articles regarding issues she feels passionate about. Adelaide plays baritone and bassoon and loves being a member of the Spirit of McIntosh Marching Band. You can find her bussing tables...

Jackson Stone

Staff Writer

Senior Jackson Stone is beginning his third year with the McIntosh Trail. He has always had a passion for writing and hopes to study journalism in college and one day pursue a career in the field. In addition to the Trail, Jackson also writes for UGAWire, which is a college football branch of USA Today. He looks forward to a great 2019-20 year.

Jordyn Mobley

News Editor

Jordyn Mobley is a sophomore at McIntosh High School. This is her second year being apart of the Trail Staff. She is the News Editor of the Trail this year. Jordyn has been apart of the marching band for two years. She is also in orchestra. She has been playing the violin for five years. Jordyn enjoys listening to music by her favorite artists and reading books. Her favorite genres to read are myst...

Yunju Lee

Features/A&E Editor

Junior Yunju Lee is the Features/Arts and Entertainment editor of the McIntosh Trail. This is her second year on the staff, and she is looking forward to another year. Yunju likes to read and draw in her free time. She also enjoys dancing and singing (though she is not very good at either) and watching movies, especially Disney ones. Yunju hopes to become a writer when she grows up. ...

Nakia Harmon

Opinions Editor

Nakia Harmon is a sophomore Opinion Editor for the Trail. She is one out of five siblings which is where she got her ears for listening. Her views on journalism are looking at tragedies for encouragement and not discouragement to make this world a better place. She is a member of the McIntosh Key Club and participates in McIntosh Track and Field. Her future plans involve being the editor of her own ma...

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