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McIntosh Trail - The Student News Site of McIntosh High School

Don't Miss a Minute of McIntosh.

McIntosh Trail - The Student News Site of McIntosh High School

Don't Miss a Minute of McIntosh.

McIntosh Trail - The Student News Site of McIntosh High School

Anthony Capobianco

Anthony Capobianco, Staff

Anthony Capobianco is a rookie to journalism but not to writing. Capobianco has written an entire novel that he’s planning to publish, two movies he hopes to finish in the future and is working on a new book with one of his best friends. Although he specializes in fiction, don’t doubt his nonfiction capabilities.

Capobianco wants to pursue a career in writing and directing films. As mentioned, he has already written two. One was based on a book and one was made up from himself. Capobianco’s favorite hobbies are reading and writing. His favorite books are “One of Us Is Lying” and “Truly Devious.” His favorite genres are horror, realistic fiction, mystery and biographies.

Capobianco wanted to do Journalism because he wanted to try out different writing and he thought it was very interesting. He thinks that writing based on people’s speech and just news all around is extremely needed because people have voices and need to be heard. Capobianco plans to utilize his experience in writing for journalism.

All content by Anthony Capobianco

Saying goodbye to seniors: class of 2024 senior drum out

Anthony Capobianco, Staff May 22, 2024

For more coverage of the drumout, including exclusive drone footage, visit the MHS Photography site.

McIntosh hosts the Special Olympics

McIntosh Trail Multimedia Editor Luke Soule and staff writers Asa Boddie, Robin Smith, Connor Lafontant and Anthony Capobianco document the events of the Special Olympics that took place on Friday, April...

The “inevitable”

Anthony Capobianco, Staff Apr 19, 2024

Trail Staff and McIntosh High School students reflect upon the effects and plausible solutions to the tragedies of school shootings.

An evening of the arts

Anthony Capobianco, Staff Mar 28, 2024

Tonight's art show begins in the media center at 5:30,  with performances by the MHS jazz band. At seven p.m. in the auditorium the Thespian Society hosts their Variety Show, rescheduled from January. There...

Graphic from the USA Facts website, showing the scope of COVIDs impact on Georgia since the start of the pandemic to July 2023.

COVID: Four years after shutdown

Rebekah Bushmire, Editor-in-Chief Mar 12, 2024
"The two months of school closure had a huge impact on my socialization capacity. The only socializing I had was with my mother, and two younger brothers. I became increasingly anti-social. I felt like I had zero friends."
Graphic created in Canva by Anthony Capobianco

An immersive disaster

Anthony Capobianco, Staff Mar 11, 2024

What was advertised as an “immersive experience” for kids turned out to be an actual nightmare. The Willy Wonka esc event advertised with fun, fantasy images was eagerly anticipated by many families...

Graphic via Canva by Anthony Capobianco

Madame Web: A web of disaster

Anthony Capobianco, Staff Mar 1, 2024

“Madame Web” is a thriller/superhero movie in Sony’s Spider-Man spinoff universe and it’s one of the worst movies I've ever seen in theaters. I’m not saying I didn’t get a kick out of it, but...

Canva graphic created by Anthony Capobianco

Winter break watchlist

Anthony Capobianco, Staff Feb 17, 2024

With winter break around the corner and the weather forecast looking gloomy for most of the upcoming break, the Trail has combined a list of favorite must watch movies to enjoy when it is raining, or sun...

Graphic made in Canva by Anthony Capobianco

“Wish” is Disney from Wish

Anthony Capobianco, Staff Dec 6, 2023

This year, Disney celebrated their 100 year anniversary. As a way to celebrate, Disney released “Wish” on Nov. 22 to honor their past creations. They put in easter eggs, references and a 2D/3D animation...

Graphic created in Canva by Anthony Capobianco

2024 Grammys “Big Four”

Anthony Capobianco, Staff Nov 29, 2023

The Grammy nominations are out. With SZA, Taylor Swift, Olivia Rodrigo, Billie Eilish and a lot more, here are the 2024 big four Grammy nominations.  Record of the Year: Billie Eilish - What Was I Made...

A graphic illustration of the multitude of posts on social media platform X concerning the PSAT. Created in Canva by Luke Soule

OPINION: PSAT = Paperless, Sitting And Technical difficulties

Rebekah Bushmire, Editor-in-Chief Oct 12, 2023

Graphic illustration created in Canva by Anthony Capobianco

PSATs are digitally on the way

Anthony Capobianco, Staff Sep 26, 2023

On Oct. 11, freshmen and sophomores will take the PSAT free of charge, and juniors will take the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (NMSQT) for a $20 fee. Those juniors who don't take the NMSQT...

A fresh start to counseling

Anthony Capobianco, Staff Sep 26, 2023

In the wake of the pandemic, stress and anxiety have been on the rise, making school counselors one of the most needed professionals in schools. One of the new counselors at McIntosh...

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