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  • November 29Dec. 2-3 5:00 Wrestling in Harris County king of the county
  • November 29Sat. Dec. 3 Swimming @ Tiger Plunge 9:00 a.m.
  • November 29Friday Dec. 2 Girls Basketball @ Whitewater 6:00
  • November 16Athletic director and vice principal Leon Hammond received a surprise from his kidney donor
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McIntosh Trail - The Student News Site of McIntosh High School

Don't Miss a Minute of McIntosh.

McIntosh Trail - The Student News Site of McIntosh High School

Don't Miss a Minute of McIntosh.

McIntosh Trail - The Student News Site of McIntosh High School

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Graphic designed on Canva by Luke Soule on the Georgia midterm elections
Georgia's battle for the Senate
Luke Soule , Staff • November 29, 2022

The Georgia midterm elections took place on Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2022, and since neither of the candidates for the Senate reached at least...

Press release on Nov.16 from Fayette County Sheriffs Office.
Teenager charged with domestic terrorism threats towards two Fayette County schools
Grace Lovejoy, Staff • November 18, 2022

Editor's note: While the teenager's name has been widely shared, the Trail staff made the decision not to disclose the person's name....

Featured emails from Monday night, which lasted from 6:20 to 6:40 PM.
Fayette County students bombarded with mass emails
Marjorie Smedley, Opinions Editor • November 18, 2022

Around 6:20 P.M. on Monday, Nov. 14, a mass email was sent out to students of Fayette county, which eventually led to a mass email...

The staff of the McIntosh Legend yearbook reacts to the live awards program hosted by the Georgia Scholastic Press Association on Tuesday, Nov. 14.
"Legend"ary victories for McIntosh yearbook staff
Ryan LeVan, Staff Writer • November 17, 2022

On November 15 at 4 p.m., the Georgia Scholastic Press Association (GSPA) announced the fall yearbook awards for 2022. Volume 41 of...

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Seniors voted on Superlatives in eleven categories on Oct. 12, 2022, during senior activities on PSAT Day.
2023 Senior Superlatives Announced
November 18, 2022


Superlatives need to stop by Ms. Woolf’s room (125) TODAY, Fri. November 18,

Kidney Buddies For Life
November 17, 2022

McIntosh Athletic director, Leon Hammond won the athletic director of the year award for AAAAA
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Ticketmaster Tweeted the cancellation of general ticket sales for Taylor Swifts Eras tour
All too "Un"well
Grace Lovejoy, Staff • November 18, 2022

On Nov. 1, Taylor Swift announced her "Era Tour" on Instagram. Swift announced she will have a verified...

Graphic created by Lulu Vitulo on Canva, styled after colors used on Midnights album cover and Bejeweled music video.
Meet "Midnights," Taylor Swift's new album
Lulu Vitulo, Copy Editor • November 9, 2022

On Oct. 21, at midnight eastern time, Taylor Swift released her new album “Midnights,” a most likely...

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Sanchez practicing softball in her backyard
Take me out to the ballgame
Livi Jacobs, Staff Reporter • October 25, 2022
Over the past four decades, McIntosh High School has continuously developed its softball team. The current varsity
McIntosh beats Drew County 58 - 21
Ryan LeVan, Staff Writer • October 24, 2022
On Oct. 14 2022, the McIntosh Football team, adorned in pink and black for Breast Cancer Awareness month, the team
Photo from Aug. 12 scrimmage against Upson Lee
"Getcha head in the game" - safely
Adwa Umoya, Staff • October 4, 2022
Running down the field. Sprinting towards the end zone. The quarterback is going for a touchdown until a player
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#TracktheTrail on Twitter
November controversy: when is the "correct" time to start celebrating the holidays?
Marjorie Smedley, Opinions Editor • November 10, 2022
It’s November, which means as soon as those clocks struck 12 AM on Nov. 1, stores hurriedly rushed to pull all
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