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PSAT Test Day Update
PSAT Test Day Update
Landon Wilde, News Editor • January 25, 2021

Freshman, sophomores and juniors who signed up for the PSAT are scheduled to take it on Jan. 26. An email was sent out to all students regarding the schedule for the testing...

Air and Water Pollution
Emily Rockey, Staff Writer • January 25, 2021

Air pollution and marine/water pollution is a recurring issue around the globe as ocean and flood with trash. And our air continuously gets filled with toxins. Materials like...

President Joe Biden
President Joe Biden's Inauguration
Izzy Pullias, Arts and Entertainment Editor • January 22, 2021

On Jan. 20, 2021, Joe Biden was inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States. He was sworn in with Vice President Kamala Harris in front of a small audience in-person...

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What Have Teachers Learned During Virtual Learning?
Brennan Robinson, Staff Writer • December 16, 2020
Students who are in brick-and-mortar have talked about how teachers are handling virtual learners. Some
Austin Carmichael (12) was unable to walk down the field during the Homecoming Game because he was in quarantine so his brother walked down in place of him.
Seniors in Qurantine: How COVID-19 Has Effected the Class of 2021
Jordyn Mobley and Yunju Lee December 14, 2020
On Oct. 19, all FCBOE schools had transitioned from the Yellow Schedule to the Green Schedule because
COVID-19 in families infographic
FEATURE - Landon Nguyen vs. COVID-19
Izzy Pullias, Arts and Entertainment Editor • December 11, 2020
The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the lifestyle of nearly everyone to a certain extent, whether that
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UNICEF x Unbound: Families Helping Families
Yunju Lee, Managing Editor • December 10, 2020
McIntosh’s chapter of UNICEF partnered with Unbound, a nonprofit sponsorship organization, to support
Fast 50 Chief Interview with Elizabeth Wilson
Jordyn Mobley and Zara Morgan December 3, 2020
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This photo was taken by Zara Morgan at the 10-12th baseball tryouts.
Baseball in the Time of 'Rona
Zara Morgan, Staff Writer • January 22, 2021
Despite the fact that this school year has been astronomically different,, sports still goes on. Baseball
Wildcard Weekend
Jack Campbell, Staff Writer • January 14, 2021
Colst 24 @ Bills 27

November Sports Review
Jack Campbell, Staff Writer • December 8, 2020
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wonder woman review
Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman 1984 Review
Rebekah Bushmire, Staff Writer • January 25, 2021

Wonder Woman, a DC Comic icon, is an icon for young girls. She is strong, powerful, inspiring and everything a young girl would like to grow...

This image was created with Canva by Zara Morgan
What Happened to the Winx Club Reboot?
Zara Morgan, Staff Writer • January 17, 2021

“Winx Club” first broke out into the world in 2004 and remains an active franchise in the present. The story revolves mainly around our...

Hot Scoup on the show "Bridgerton" *spoiler alert*
Oluchi Ugbajah, Staff Writer • January 15, 2021

As many probably already know, a new show, Bridgerton, released on Netflix on Christmas in 2020. This show is based off of an eight book series...

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