Jack Bukowski “Comets” To UT-Dallas


Michael Clifton

Senior Jack Bukowski up to bat.

Kamryn Torr, Editor In Chief

The commitment process for any athlete is always stressful, no matter the sport. Senior baseball player, Jack Bukowski, has played baseball since he was two years old and has wanted to play baseball in college for the longest time. “Baseball has always been my dream and it’s the only thing I can see myself doing in college,” said Bukowski. After three years of playing for the Chiefs baseball team, Bukowski will be continuing his academic and baseball career next fall at the University of Texas at Dallas.

Bukowski has had a number of people help him throughout his baseball career that have made playing at the collegiate level possible.

“My family has always supported me,” said Bukowski. “My friends have always been there to push me and support me, and my coaches have never given up on me.”

“It’s been great playing with him,” said senior teammate Dakota Rowan. “He’s one of my best friends off the field and having him on the field is just a confidence booster because I have that trust with him to know that he is going to make the play and he is going to back me up no matter what.”

Prior to committing to the University of Texas at Dallas, Bukowski visited other schools including Truett McConnell, LaGrange College, Alabama State, and Stanford.

After receiving the offer from UT-Dallas, “it felt like a wave of stress was waved off of my shoulders,” said Bukowski. “Once I committed, I could finally enjoy my senior year.”

A goal that Bukowski has going into his first year is becoming a starter for UT-Dallas.

“I love hitting a homer and watching the pitchers family look disappointed,” said Bukowski.

There are a lot of things to consider when athletes are trying to decide where to go to college. For Bukowski, UT-Dallas was not only the best school for him because of baseball, but also because of the campus and location.

“There’s a ton of people there,” said Bukowski. “The campus is beautiful and it’s all really close together. Plus, I have family in Texas. It feels a lot like home.”

In continuing his academic and baseball career at UT-Dallas, Bukowski is looking to get an education and hopefully with a championship with the team at some point throughout his four years.

A long-term goal that Bukowski has includes becoming the best fielder in Texas and making it to the league.