Senior Baseball Player Commits to Birmingham Southern College

Kamryn Torr, Editor In Chief

Senior Dakota Rowan has played baseball since he was six years old. He loves the challenge, skill, and technique that baseball requires. Playing in college has crossed his mind from the beginning of his baseball career and it finally became a priority for him to focus on the recruiting process his freshman year of high school. His dream of playing in college became a reality recently when he committed to continuing his baseball and academic career at Birmingham Southern College (BSC) in Birmingham, Alabama. ¨When I realized that going to BSC was a reality, it was exciting,¨ Rowan said, ¨Once I realized that this is really happening, a huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders because I know where I am going to college and I do not have to stress about my decision.¨

Prior to visiting Birmingham Southern College, Rowan visited Berry College in Rome, Georgia. Rowan only visited Birmingham Southern College once, but he felt welcome when he visited and could see himself spending his college career there. Anyone that goes through the recruiting process knows how stressful it can be, but Rowan felt differently. The experience of having schools reach out to tour their campus and talk about how he can better develop their program is something that Rowan thought was exciting. Rowan´s expectations going into the Birmingham Southern College baseball program include making winning a national championship a reality.

¨BSC recruited me the hardest out of all the schools and they really showed to me that they want me and that I can help them get another national championship,”Rowan said. “And they can make me a better player and person.¨

When it comes to the coaching staff, Rowan likes that they were extremely passionate towards him as a player and student. The fact that the head coach was a catcher at Kentucky stood out to Rowan, as well as the fact that multiple catchers have been drafted out of Birmingham Southern College recently. In attending Birmingham Southern College, Rowan wants to get faster and be quicker with his catching capabilities, as well as become a more consistent hitter. Improving on these skills at Birmingham Southern College will hopefully help Rowan in making it to his childhood dream of playing professional baseball.

¨I feel like everyone has that goal to play a professional sport,¨ Rowan said, ¨I have dreamt of that since I was a little kid.¨

Rowan’s official signing day will be on November 14 in the McIntosh High School auditorium.