Ryan Sanders Commits to Becoming A Pioneer


Kombat Kamera

Senior Ryan Sanders throwing from shortstop.

Kamryn Torr, Editor In Chief

After a two year separation, senior Ryan Sanders will be reunited with his brother, Zach at Tusculum University in Tenn. The Sanders’ brothers will be a dynamic duo on the baseball field. “It’s going to be weird at first because he’s been gone for two years,” said Sanders. “But overall I think that it’s going to be a ton of fun.” After four years of playing for the McIntosh baseball team, Sanders will be furthering his education and baseball career at Tusculum. “My reaction was pretty shocked,” said Sanders. “I’ve done so much to get to where I am today and have worked so hard so it was like a weight was lifted off of my shoulders.”

Sanders has played baseball since he was three years old. Although he is mainly a catcher, Sanders also pitches and plays third base. Throughout his baseball career at McIntosh, he played on the freshmen team his first year and has been on varsity since his sophomore year.

“What I love most about baseball is how close all of me and my teammates get,” said Sanders. “I was saying this the other day, but whenever I’m talking with baseball friends in the halls, everyone looks at us so weird because we all have so many inside jokes that no one gets.”

Throughout the past 15 years of playing baseball, there are many people that have helped Sanders make it to the collegiate level including his family and coaches.

“My father who coached me when I was little,” said Sanders. “My mother who supports me nonstop along with my aunt, uncle, grandpa, and grandma because I couldn’t do anything if I didn’t have the right fan club.”

“But on a coaching side, Coach Toby Black, Coach Kelley more recently, and Coach Belknap, who taught me toughness,” said Sanders.

By continuing his baseball career at Tusculum, Sanders hopes to improve on his catching abilities, such as footwork and arm strength, and improving his swing to get more power behind the ball.

“At Tusculum. They have a dedication to success and I want to go there to be a part of a great baseball program and hopefully compete for a starting spot my first year,” said Sanders.

Aside from Tusculum, Sanders also went to camps at Nicholls State, Young Harris, and others. On few occasions, he would go to Tusculum to see his brother and on recruiting visits, which is where Sanders began liking the university.

“The commitment process has been tough because I have had a lot of people on their toes in the process,” said Sanders. “Christian Brothers University showed interest, but was on the edge about going further. Tusculum made it very easy on me because they were very direct and to the point that they wanted me there to play ball for them.”

Going into his first season with the pioneers, Sanders goal is to grow physically and mentally in the game and to make a name for himself in the program.

“I don’t want to achieve anything just because my brother is there,” said Sanders. “I’d rather make a name for myself and separate myself from his achievements.”

Aside from the baseball aspect that Tusculum provides, there are many other reasons why Tusculum is the best choice for Sanders.

“I am working up toward an aerospace engineering degree and since they don’t offer it, I am working towards a bachelors in Mathematics for three years, then doing a one year MBA program,” said Sanders. “So I’m looking forward to the degree, but also looking forward to seeing my brother who is up there.”

Sanders is looking forward to attending Tusculum in the fall. Although, for now, he is looking forward and focusing on finishing his baseball career as a Chief strong with his teammates he’s grown up playing with for years.