MHS Competitive Cheerleading

The start of the new school year marks the start of a new competitive cheer season. The cheerleaders have been working hard on mastering their new routine. They have gotten to show off their new routine at their first competition at home on September 15. The Chiefs have seven competitions to cheer at this season, and the state competition on November 3 will end the season.

Still recovering from the loss last season, the girls are trying to keep hopeful. The team was on a two-year state winning streak when they tied with the Carrollton team last year. The win was given to the Carrollton. Sadly, they lost by a tenth of a point based on a judges opinion. The team feels as though they have bonded even more because of this situation. “The varsity competition team this year is actually so fun,” said Sor’et Braxton, a sophomore cheerleader. “I look forward to going to practice every day to hang out and work hard with my 16 best friends who I love so much.” 

The football cheer season has also started. The football cheerleaders use games to try out the new stunts that they learned at practice. There are twenty-two games this season. Sophomore Sophie Marshall is a passionate competition and football cheerleader. “I’m looking forward to bonding with my team and getting better every practice. I am excited because we have an amazing team this year,” Marshall said.

The girls practice every day after school. Then, on Fridays, they have football games to cheer on. They believe that with all this hard work, they will be on track to win many competitions and hopefully state.  “We are definitely working towards our state competition,” Coach Anna Harbison said. She believes that the girls will once again win the state competition.