Students Share Thoughts on the College Football Championship Game


Jackson Fuentes

During pregame festivities, the Alabama band performed and shaped the Alabama emblem of an “A” to represent their university.

Kamryn Torr, Editor In Chief

McIntosh students react to the national championship win that the Alabama Crimson Tide had over the Georgia Bulldogs on Monday, January 8. For more on the game, check out Editor Kamryn Torr’s opinion on the game.

Maggie Jo Dattilo (10th, Georgia): “It was a tough loss for the Dawgs, but I’m still super proud of their successful season and we will win it all next year.”

Hannah Elwell (11th, Georgia): “It was a crazy game! It could have gone either way really. Really wish UGA could have pulled out the win. Go Dawgs!”

Maria Espinosa (10th, Alabama):  “Alabama pulled through. We came back and we kicked mutt. Roll tide.”

Ryan Foncannon (9th, Alabama Fan): “I, Ryan Foncannon, would like to go on record by saying that Jalen Hurts getting benched does not qualify him to become any less successful and talented than before. Because Tua, the freshman quarterback, stepped in place for him starting at the second half doesn’t mean Jalen Hurts should lose respect from Alabama fans. Now many sorry Georgia fans may believe that the championship was rigged or that they got cheated out of the win by the refs. To argue them, the refs missed several calls against Alabama as well that would’ve helped us greatly. Also, one must take into account that these refs are human. Humans make mistakes and shouldn’t be shamed by the nation for it. All in all the game was suspenseful, interesting, and very exciting to watch. I enjoyed every second of it as it kept me on the edge of my seat for nearly 4 hours.”

Abbigail Henke (11th, Georgia): “[Georgia] played great and then Alabama came back and played the second half. Then, I cried.”

Ava Kreitner (10th, Georgia): “Go Dawgs. Sic em.”

Connor Koscevic (12th, Georgia): “Since I’ll probably be attending UGA next year, I was definitely rooting for them. I personally think that they were just waiting for me to get there before they won it because they’ll be back in the championship soon.”

Caroline McCollum (9th, Georgia): “The first half I felt very confident because they couldn’t score.”

Andrew Pinckney (11th, Alabama): “I had complete faith in the goat Nick Saban and I wasn’t worried in the slightest.”

Alex Stowman (11th, Alabama): “As an Alabama football fan, I thought the Crimson Tide started out slow and not on the same page. The game was rough to watch but knowing as a fan that Alabama is a 2nd half football team, I never lost hope. I knew in the end they would come back and finish out on top, and that is exactly what happened, I guess I can see the future.

DeAndre Wade (12th, Georgia): “Alabama had a ton of things that went wrong and I for sure thought the Dawgs would pull out the victory, but Tua Tagovailoa and Nick Saban had other plans.”