Athlete of the Week: Huck McCollum


Bill Pilate

Senior goalie for the Chiefs, Huck McCollum, saving a shot during practice.

Kamryn Torr, Editor In Chief

Four-year player for the Chiefs lacrosse team, senior goalie Huck McCollum, was awarded with Athlete of the Week.

McCollum has played lacrosse since he was in third grade. His freshman and sophomore year in high school, he was on the junior varsity team, but was able to play up on the varsity team. The past two years though, he has been a part of the varsity lacrosse team for the Chiefs.

When August comes around, McCollum will be continuing his academic and athletic career at Young Harris College in Young Harris, Georgia. Although he is looking forward to becoming a better lacrosse player, he is also going to try and focus on furthering his studies in criminal justice or pre-law.

McCollum’s favorite lacrosse memory was last year’s team and the team aspect that they embodied.

“My favorite lacrosse memory is when last year we really were a team,” said McCollum.

Not just a bunch of players, but a team coming together to try and beat Starr’s Mill. We lost and now we are feeling dangerous for this year.”

— Huck McCollum

Before games, McCollum has a pregame ritual that he follows before each game. Although he feels that he may get some hate for his ritual, he’s quite proud of the ritual that he will continue this year.

“I usually throw in the AirPods and turn on something crazy, at least one Taylor Swift song,” said McCollum, “I do a cool design for eye black because it makes me and some of my teammates feel crazy.”

With this being his last year playing for the Chiefs, McCollum has made many connections and memories throughout the years that he is going to miss after the season ends.

“The one thing that the coaches here have is the love for the players,” said McCollum, “They may not know anything about the sport, but they will be there for you. I’m going to miss the pregame Subway and I’m going to miss my teammates.”

As a senior captain, McCollum has many aspects of the season to look forward to for his final season with the Chiefs.

“Knocking down all of the big names we can,” said McCollum. “Destroying anybody who has doubted us and show them we mean business.”

The journey for any athlete is never easy. Players go through many setbacks which end up helping them grow, not only as an athlete, but these moments will be cherished as learning moments in life. McCollum faced some setbacks of his own during his lacrosse career.

“A major setback mentally for me was not making varsity as a freshman and having my friends make it,” said McCollum. “I was definitely thinking about quitting for sure, but everything happens for a reason. I’ve had very supportive people in my career in sports and my mom and dad have been there every step of the way.”

His favorite part of lacrosse is the culture that is starting to surround the sport recently.

“Things from your lettuce (long hair) to the amount of cranking you can do (shooting fast)” said McCollum, “It’s cool to see people start talking about this sport more and more every year.”

McCollum is not all lacrosse twenty-four seven, though. In his free time, he enjoys playing video games.

“I’m a big video game guy when I can be,” said McCollum. “I kind of stay away from Fortnite because to be honest, I’m absolute trash at it, but I love NHL 19.”

Not only has McCollum learned many skills throughout the years of playing lacrosse that will help him be successful with his game at Young Harris, but he’s learned many skills that he will take with him even after his lacrosse career comes to an end.

“Lacrosse, in a funny way, has taught me people skills,” said McCollum. “It’s not all hitting and trying to beat up the opponents. You meet all different kinds of people and stay friends throughout life. Coaches you learn to respect and listen to and be a coachable human being.”