Athlete Of The Week: Junior Zach Jaeger


Margaret Bowers

¨When I got to running, it felt great being able to have tangible results that I could challenge myself upon and set myself apart from other runners.” — Zach Jaeger

Kamryn Torr, Editor In Chief

Junior Zach Jaeger was awarded with Athlete of the Week for the week of September 18. Jaeger said, “When I found out I was athlete of the week, I was excited because it felt great to be recognized for cross country.”

Zach began running cross country his freshman year. He usually spends about 5 to 8 hours each week running, which doesn’t include stretching and doing drills.

The memory from his cross country times that stands out the most to him is a time when they went to Alachua, Fla., for a meet. Following the meet, the team went to Poe Springs, where the team shares an inside joke about when one of their teammates got swept by a current. Jaeger said, “We almost lost him!”

When it comes to the current team, Jaeger likes how there is a lot of young talent from both the girls and boys teams. Jaeger said, “I have high expectations for all of them.”

Cross country has impacted Jaeger’s life positively. Jaeger said, “{Cross Country} has changed me to be more positive altogether because the pain in running makes me feel grateful when it’s all over, no matter how fast I run.”

By the end of the season, Jaeger hopes to improve his overall rank in the state and his running times.

A successful season for Jaeger would mean a state title for both the girls and boys cross country teams. Jaeger said, “Even if we didn’t win the titles, we have already had some amazing accomplishments thus far.”

Athlete of the Week awards are given out weekly at the school. Athletes are selected based on performances during the season.