Walmart’s back! Complete reopen of Walmart after fire in August


The post was followed with more photos throughout the store of new stocked departments. Walmart vision center and their hours were remodeled. The vision center has new hours that became effective Mar. 11.

Grace Lovejoy, Features Editor

It’s been a rough year for Peachtree City’s Walmart.

On Aug. 24, 2022, a 14-year-old was arrested for starting the fire inside the Peachtree City Walmart Supercenter. On Dec. 21, Walmart reopened their pharmacy and grocery sections to customers and blocked off the rest of the store. After being under construction for seven months, by February 2023, all Walmart departments reopened.

“Good Morning Peachtree City! Please stop in and see ALL of your New Store [sic]! We are so excited for this day and cannot wait to see you soon!” Walmart Peachtree City Facebook post announced.

While Walmart Peachtree City was under construction and completely restocking other areas of the store after the fire, the grocery, pharmacy, cleaning and a small section of the beauty department were open.

Connor Barnett, a senior at McIntosh High school, is an Electronics Associate at Walmart Peachtree City. Barnett was at work the day of the fire.

“They were more understanding of what had happened but some people were upset to lose Walmart.”

Walmart employees had to transfer to different stores in the area while Walmart Peachtree City was under construction.

“I was relocated to Fayetteville Walmart for a few days, but I was able to move back soon after when they were repairing it.”

Now, Walmart is completely restocked and all areas of the store are open.

“There’s increased amount of security now. [The store has] extra cameras, for the most part it’s just more vigilant workers,” Barnett said.