INTERVIEW: MHS senior at PTC Walmart when fire broke out


Courtesy of Rashawn Phon

Titi Sanusi and Rebekah Bushmire, Staff writer/Editor-in-Chief

Editor’s note: Senior Connor Barnett has worked at the Peachtree City, Georgia Walmart for two years. In this interview with McIntosh Student Media staff member Titi Sanusi, Barnett shares his experience at work that night.


What’s your role?
I work as an electronics associate.

And were you at the store [Aug. 24]?
I was.

How long were you there?
I was there for about three hours until it started.

Were you inside the store when the fire started?
When it started? No, I was on my lunch break when it happened. Like in the parking lot.

How long were you there?
Well, I was there until almost nine at night.

What did you see?
I stepped out of my car in the parking lot and I could see the smoke coming up from the top. Middle of the building.

Did you see a lot of people running out or fire?
Yeah, there were. There [were] tons of people coming out. Everyone was [out] as soon as possible. The first responders came in like police, firefighters.

What have you heard from your coworkers?
Not much. I mean, we just kind of all saw the fire. I mean, no one really knows exactly what happened.

Were any of your co-workers hurt or injured?
No, no. No associates were hurt.

What concerns about your job do you have: are you afraid you might have to find another one?
 I think they may transfer me to another Walmart for the time being. Or they may just pay me while I’m not being able to do anything. So [that] may interfere with school. 

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