Orion Zimmerman Running for Student Body President


Max Lawson

One of Orion Zimmerman’s posters in support of his campaign.

Max Lawson, Photography Editor

The 2021-2022 student election has drawn the eyes of McIntosh like none before. Orion Zimmerman, a senior in the class of 22’ has created an ambitious campaign, one that aims to change the student body’s view of their leaders. In recent years, it has not been uncommon for students to be completely unaware of their leadership.

“I knew nothing last year,” said sophomore Drew DiPietri, commenting on student elections.

Zimmerman’s campaign that he has claimed will “bring radical change” has aimed to change this view.

Posters and speeches have flooded MHS in the past week. “I want to change the way elections are seen,” said Zimmerman. This is one of the key elements that sets his campaign apart from past years.

When Zimmerman was asked about his “radical change” he said, “I will play classical music at prom.”

In addition, Zimmerman’s campaign has begun extremely quickly. Since the first electoral meeting of the student government on Monday, August 15, he has raised posters and given speeches to students in study hall, a much more rapidly beginning campaign than student leaders in previous years. “I wanted the student body to know who I am as soon as possible,” said Zimmerman. This goal has become an idea that sets him apart from other candidates.

The campaigns this year have given students at MHS access to much more information than in previous years. Elections began on Thursday, Aug. 19 and results will be announced next week. Voting will take place on Schoology, under the media center page.