Lane Announces His Retirement

Emily Rockey, Staff Writer

As we all know, our principal, Dr. Dan Lane has informed us that he will be retiring from his job as principal of McIntosh High School and working in the Fayette County School System at the end of the current school year.
He first informed the staff and then sent a heartfelt email to the students and McIntosh families. He has been working with public school education for 31 years and he is excited and looking forward to what adventures and opportunities are to come next.
In his email, he said, “I am excited to learn what the future holds for me.”
He explains how this decision took a lot of thought and he reflected on all the memories and experiences through his previous years at MHS and realized how MHS affected him and impacted his life.
He says, “McIntosh High School will always be near and dear to my heart.”
He spent a third of his career here at MHS, and he has personal connections to this school, as both of his children graduated from MHS. His email goes into depth to thank the staff, faculty, and families that have contributed time, money, and help in order to make various things possible and it made his time working here go smoothly. He cares and appreciates students, parents, and staff deeply.
Dr. Lane said that the Fayette County Board of Education will begin an immediate search to find my replacement. Although he is retiring, he explains he will be around to help assist the new principal so he could pick up where he left off. Dr. Lane wants the school and students to succeed and thrive, he ensures the new principal’s success through a smooth transfer of leadership.
He finishes his email by summing up his previous years at MHS and how much MHS has impacted his life. Lane goes on to explain how he has grown as a person, he became a leader, and he feels incredibly blessed to be a part of such a wonderful program and school.
He will never forget his time spent here and finishes his email saying, “It has been my pleasure to be a McIntosh Chief!”