“Dedicated to the wonderful students that we serve”: New Building Dedication Ceremony

The new building has been a welcome addition to McIntosh this year, and the administration has decided to honor it in the form of a dedication ceremony that took place the afternoon of Friday, Oct. 4.

“The building dedication ceremony is just an opportunity to officially open the building and to thank the school board for funding and the architect and builder for being responsive to our needs,” said principal Dr. Dan Lane.

The new building was under construction the entirety of last year, and now that it is complete,  Lane dedicated the new building to the students of McIntosh High School, old and new. The building is “…dedicated to the wonderful students that we serve.  They are the primary beneficiaries,” said Lane.  “Student body president, Abigail Hooper, will be on hand to accept the building on behalf of the students.”  

Many Fayette County Board members as well as architects from the building construction there to support the opening of the new building, including District Superintendent Dr. Jody Barrow; Mike Satterfield, the Director of Facilities Services; and Scott Hollowell, the Chairman of the Board of Education. 

Hooper, a competitive MHS cheerleader, spoke of the difficulties the cheerleading programs had in the past, trying to schedule gym and practice time around other athletic groups.

“Most times we practiced from 7 to 9:00 p.m.” said Hooper. “I rarely had the opportunity to start my homework before so I would stay up to the late hours of the night finishing my assignment I was frequently falling asleep, exhausted. With the new building, they are able to practice after school leaving ample time to complete homework and go to bed at a decent hour.”