The Battle of The Bubble


Tracy Guo

Senior Emeka Illoh makes the tying shot putting the Chiefs and the Panthers at overtime.

Morgan Green, Staff Writer

The intensity that filled the gym Saturday afternoon was indescribable. It was the last rival game for seniors and the most memorable victory students have experienced this year. Whenever a Starrs Mill game takes place (also known as The Battle of the Bubble,) there is no doubt the stands are packed with our spirited student body. From shouting and booing in the stands, to pure silence, once our fellow athletes stepped to the free-throw line, there was a roller coaster of emotions we as a student body faced last weekend. Saturday, Jan. 22 marked seniors and underclassmen of 2022’s last rival game of the season. Personally, being in the crowd and feeling the energy through the stands onto the court was breathtaking. Students from schools such as Whitewater and Sandy Creek even showed up to this massive event that took place here at our local high school. However, this was no typical basketball event. Parents, faculty and the student body showed up and showed out for this game. Students dressed from head to toe in white due to our white out theme, while our opposing rivals dressed in all black due to their theme black out. The intensity continued to build once a buzzer-beater was hit with three seconds left in the game causing us to go into overtime. However, the Chiefs made their way to victory beating Starrs Mill by just 6 points with the final score of 57-51. Students felt so strongly and passionately about Saturday’s game and the intensity didn’t just stop at the gym. Unfortunately, students did get into an altercation outside on school grounds causing law enforcement to get involved. With the constant disputing between our Chiefs and the Panthers, the game increasingly became more and more impassioned. However, the spirit of our Chiefs continues to reign with the recent victory. Sophomore Campbell Leatherman stated, “The game was so exciting, and winning meant even more because we didn’t know we would until the very end. It was nerve-racking.”