Athlete of the Week: Marie Ogletree


Ms. Ogletree

Marie Ogletree and the varsity Lady Chiefs lacrosse team playing against the Whitewater Wildcats.

Samantha Cornett, Editor in Chief

Senior Marie Ogletree was awarded with Athlete of the Week for the week of January 31.

When she found out that she was Athlete of the Week, Ogletree said, “I was excited! People kept sending me pictures of my name on the board and it was really cool.”

Ogletree has played lacrosse for seven years. She’s been on the varsity lacrosse team for McIntosh all four years. Each week, Ogletree estimates that she spends around 10-12 hours each week playing lacrosse and another couple of hours bonding with teammates.

Ogletree’s most memorable lacrosse moment at McIntosh has been simply being a member of the team.

Ogletree said, “I’ve made strong friendships with everyone on my team and I wouldn’t trade that for anything.”

When it comes to this year’s team, Ogletree enjoys the team’s humor.

Ogletree said, “Someone is always making a joke or telling a funny story. It’s entertaining.”

Lacrosse has been a big part of Ogletree’s life throughout the past 7 years. She is the person she is today because of playing lacrosse.

Ogletree said, “All the amazing people I’ve met through the sport helped guide me to be who I am. My coaches have taught me how to be smart and skilled while also showing us how to have fun while doing it.”

By the end of the season, Ogletree’s biggest goal is to make more connections on the field.

Ogletree said, “We have the skills on our team to succeed we just have to learn how to use the skills to make successful plays.”

A successful season to Ogletree consists of being possible area champions again, but also growing as a team.

Since Ogletree is a senior, this is her final season playing for the Chiefs.

Ogletree said, “I’m so sad that this is my last season, but I want to thank my coaches for making it so memorable and reminding me how much I love lacrosse and why I started playing it in the first place. Without them I would be a different person.”

Athlete of the Week awards are given out weekly at the school. Athletes are selected based on their performance during the season.