Seniors Take Home Powderpuff Game Win


Sara Norbeck

Seniors Kimmy Edgeworth and Maddie Emmet celebrate win against junior class.

Samantha Cornett, Editor in Chief

The Powderpuff Game this year was won by the senior class of ’18, with a final score of 38-33. The junior and senior boys cheered on from the sidelines during the game and performed a routine at halftime. The routine was taught to them by varsity cheerleaders Anna Routon and Bella Moriano.

To start the game, the seniors kicked off the ball to the junior class. The juniors scored on their first possession in the first five minutes of the game. The seniors scored a touchdown with 15 minutes left in the first half after a few possessions. Junior Hannah Elwell took the ball 45 yards down the field and got stopped on the five yard line.

During the juniors’ next possession, Hannah Miller threw an interception, giving the ball back to the senior class. Seniors got a touchdown with 10 minutes left in the first half.

It took the juniors 24 seconds to respond, with junior quarterback Chloe Minor running over 25 yards to score another touchdown.

Minor said, “It was really fun playing alongside all of my friends because we were super hype and excited for the game. We all enjoyed beating up on the seniors, but all in all, it’s rigged.”

The seniors scored with 50 seconds left, to lead the juniors by 7 at the half.

Seniors scored a touchdown on their first possession to start the second half. The juniors responded, running over half the field to beat the senior class back to their end zone and score a touchdown.

Senior quarterback, Kimmy Edgeworth, threw a pass to score a touchdown with 15 minutes left in the second half.

Edgeworth said, “Powderpuff was super fun and I’m happy we won, even though it was really close. I’m proud of all the seniors. Go class of 2018!”

The junior class had another run down the field, with Chloe Minor scoring a second touchdown with 6 minutes left in the game. With the junior class leading the senior class, the score was 32-33 with 45 seconds left in the game. Senior Kimmy Edgeworth threw a pass to Madison Emmet, who scored with 38 seconds left in the game.

There was a lot of controversy between teams, especially about whether  junior Jocelyn Shelfo had grabbed Emmet’s flag before she crossed the line, but after the administration talked it through, they gave the touchdown to the seniors. Defensive coach for the juniors, Coach Jones, threw his notebook onto the turf in frustration.

Junior Caren Bowers said, “The powderpuff game was rigged, every year they make it so the seniors win. Jocelyn definitely grabbed Maddie Emmet’s flag before she crossed the line. We had a lot of fun, but we should’ve expected the outcome.”  

Senior Sara Norbeck said, “The only person who thought the juniors won was Officer Isaac, but the other three refs knew the seniors won. We definitely won.”