Freshman moves up to varsity cheer team


Tiffani Reynolds

Varsity team competes and places first to win grand champs at Union Grove on October 22.

Samantha Cornett, Staff Writer

Freshman Abby Cunningham has participated on the JV competition cheer team since early August. On October 18 Abby got moved up to the varsity team to fill the spot previously occupied by junior Aryssa Braxton who had a concussion.

Abby said, “I was very nervous; it is higher competition, and the routine was a lot harder than it ever was for JV but I expected that. I had to learn their whole routine in a matter of three days for their competition on October 22 at Union Grove, which was very stressful at first, but after extra practice and with help from the girls it got easier. Competitions with the varsity team are a lot more intense, which caused me to work my hardest at all times.”

The team placed first and won grand champs on October 22 after having Abby with them for only four days. It was the first time this season they had won grand champs at a competition. The team then competed again on October 29 at Northgate and placed first.