Freshmen share insight on new football cheer season


Mallory Morris

Freshmen Carly Brown and Abby Cunningham take a picture before first game.

Samantha Cornett, Editor in Chief

McIntosh’s JV football cheer season started in August.

Freshman Abby Cunningham gave insight for the start of their new season. She said, “I wanted to become a cheerleader because ever since I started cheer five years ago, I have looked up to all the cheerleaders on the school team. I most look forward to getting closer to the rest of the girls as the season goes on, but I most enjoy the positive energy at the games towards not only the team but the crowd as well.”

Freshman Carly Brown said, “I started cheering four years ago and decided to become an MHS cheerleader because I enjoy supporting the school and having fun with the team. I enjoy cheering for McIntosh because you get to cheer on the football players and get the crowd excited.”