Freshman joins dance team

Samantha Cornett, Editor in Chief

Destin Hebert
Freshman Ally Cullen(left) prepares for first football game with senior Gaby Swingshakl(middle) and junior Joslyn Nicosia.

About being a new Chiefette for the dance team, freshmen Ally Cullen said, “I was pretty nervous. I’ve been training since the sixth grade to be on the Chiefettes. I was super scared, but all the girls were super nice so it made it easier to get through.”

Ally said that dancing throughout summers for company dance also helped her. She said, “Tryouts were in April, so we did a lot of training through the summer and even went to the UDA Dance Camp at Auburn University, which was really fun and good for team bonding.”

Ally said, “It is very difficult juggling a varsity sport and school because I also dance at a studio. It’s a lot of time to put in, but it makes me really happy. I enjoy most the people and just dancing in general the most. Everyone has such a positive attitude, and I have been able to grow a very strong relationship with every girl on the team.”

Ally said, “The Chiefettes is a very well known and talented team in our community. They have participated in the state championships for seven years now and competed in multiple UDA competitions over the seasons.”