Valentines Day: Expectations Vs. Reality


Drawn by Yunju Lee

Jordyn Mobley and Nakia Harmon

Valentine’s Day is a day full of magic and wonder for some people, but Valentine’s Day can be a day centered around whether or not you’ll have enough boxes of tissue for those of you who lack a significant other. There are only two ways to view Valentine’s Day and that is through your expectations of what you’re going to expect to see on Valentine’s Day and the realities of what you’re actually going to see on Valentine’s Day.

The only two huge differences between your expectations and your realities of this so-called romantic holiday is that your expectations are what you want to happen which only takes place within your mind, but your realities are what really happen whether you accept it or not. Although having an imagination can be a helpful tool when viewing Valentine’s Day, it doesn’t stand a chance against what your Valentine’s Day will actually appear to be. Now that you’re familiar with the terms expectation and reality, the most cost common expectations and realities of Valentine’s Day are going to be presented to you crystal clear.  Brace yourself because the realities of Valentine’s Day are going to be given to you very blunt.

One thing most people expect to happen on Valentine’s day is being greeted with roses and chocolates by your crush. Now for you people in a relationship, that most likely will happen. The single people out there don’t have the same reality. Now we’re not saying entirely that someone out there isn’t thinking about you in that way, but most people are too afraid to show it out front. So don’t be surprised if you’re sitting alone watching Netflix on your sofa.

This is such a common reality that people actually by their own gifts for themselves. With that being said, take it easy on the person in front of you at Walgreens. They have a shopping cart full of teddy bears and heart-shaped chocolates. They look left and right before they approach the cashier as if nobody knows that their purchasing gifts for themselves.

One sad but common expectation of Valentine’s Day is planning to go out and have a great time. Either you want to meet someone new or you just want to have fun with all your friends. But the truth is, most of the singles in the world are too sad to even think about going out on Valentine’s Day. Mostly because of the sad aspect of being lonely.

Telling your friends that you have “ actual ” plans for Valentine’s Day is also one of the most common realities, so don’t be too surprised to see your best friend who swore to you that they had plans for Valentine’s Day at Dairy Queen enjoying two DQ blizzards meant for two by themselves. Hopefully, this hasn’t exposed to many people’s yearly Valentine’s Day scheme.

The expectations and realities of Valentine’s Day have hit you pretty hard. The purpose of informing you about the expectations and realities of Valentine’s Day wasn’t meant to discourage you from celebrating this holiday or to put a damper on your dreams of finding that very special person in life, but this was meant to prove how we can all relate to one another. Let’s face it Valentine’s Day is a day that is typically viewed as a holiday that is exclusively reserved for people who have a significant other in their life, but that doesn’t mean we can’t spend that day enjoying ourselves with our friends and family. Honestly, it doesn’t matter if you receive a bouquet of flowers this year for Valentine’s Day or a platter of hot wings as long as you’re spending the day with people who love you and the people that you love. The expectations and realities of Valentine’s Day have given you a better perspective of how we can all relate to each other if we can’t relate to each other in any other way besides February 14.