Students react to Inauguration Day

Arden Estep, Staff Writer
Donald Trump was sworn into office Jan. 20.

President Donald Trump was sworn into office on Friday, Jan 20. He had begun drafting his inaugural speech three weeks prior. To prepare, he spent time looking over other inaugural speeches from previous presidents. Trump was sworn in using two Bibles, one his own that was a gift from his mother and the other was the one used to swear in previous presidents Barack Obama and even Abraham Lincoln.

Freshman Gracie Brewer said, “I am happy to see that America will soon be made great again. It excites and fascinates me to have the opportunity to witness this all go down in history. The speech he gave was very important and will never be forgotten by our nation.”

Freshman James Frieze said, “Inauguration Day seemed to bring a lot of protesters, but that didn’t come as a surprise. I wonder whose speech he will borrow next.”

Freshman Danny Blue said, “This Inauguration Day was dismal in comparison to our country’s last one. Me not supporting President Trump doesn’t make me unpatriotic. The president doesn’t make America. The people make America.”