Admin informs parents and students about Monday’s Code Orange via email

Savannah Hayes, News Editor

According to the statement sent by Principle Maggie Walls sent at approx. 3:50 yesterday Jan. 9 the email reads as follows:

“Good afternoon,
“At approximately 3:35 we had a code orange and teachers were asked to keep all students in their classrooms. There was a situation involving a fire arm [sic] in the Sprouts parking lot. Once the individual was in police custody, we ended the code orange and students were released. At no time were students in danger on our campus, but we wanted to make sure it was safe before releasing students at the end of the day.
Thank you for your support.
Maggie Walls, Principal”

   Code Orange – Level 2 Lockdown, Outside and Inside Doors Locked (continued teaching)

Code Red – Level 3 Lockdown, Total School Lockdown

Code Yellow – Level 1 Lockdown, Caution/Alert Outside Doors Locked (continued teaching)

Code Blue – Evacuation at Least 1000ft (bomb threat)

Code Green – Evacuation at Least 500ft (fire)

— Know Your Codes