PHOTO GALLERY: MHS Marketing Dec. 6 fashion show

Lulu Vitulo, Managing Editor

The fashion show took place on Friday, Dec. 6, at 7 p.m. Several retail brands were featured, and for each brand, there were about 4-6 student models that showcased unique outfits. Sephora was also in the show, and showcased makeup looks on models wearing all black, carrying Sephora bags. For those who modeled clothes, there were “fitting days” in which students would go to the store they would model for, and choose items to create an outfit. This process spanned from Dec. 1 to 6.

Many models enjoyed the fitting process.

“It was very fun you got to pick what you wanted to wear. Plus it’s one of my favorite stores so the process was smooth because I already shop there. So I was thrilled to have Smith and Davis be the store I was modeling for,” freshman Mary-Anne Burnett, who modeled for Smith and Davis, said when asked how the process went.

“It was honestly really fun. I chose a store that I loved and typically shop at. The workers are always the sweetest at Lizard Thicket,” senior Skylar Beck, another model, said.

Some models got to choose their outfits by themselves.

“It wasn’t really fitting, more like finding a cute outfit to wear. It was really fun though because I could choose anything from the store!” junior Grace Scott, a model for Smith and Davis, said.

Others couldn’t choose their own outfit, but worked with the store representatives.

“I [showcased] Lizard Thicket. Although I did not get to choose my outfit, the staff of Lizard Thicket worked with me to find the perfect outfit that I felt beautiful and confident in,” senior Camryn Jordan said.

While the models liked the fitting process, many were nervous about showcasing them on a stage.

“Messing up in the show and not doing my best will be very nerve-wracking,” Jordan said.

Some models were worried about their walk, or how they would be received in front of an audience. “I am most nervous about having to walk alone,” Scott said.

“[G]oing in front of people,” is what Best said when asked what they would be most nervous about.

However, they were still excited about the show.

“I’m excited to see the other models walk the runway. I believe the other models will do amazing and I’m really happy to see their confidence in the show,” Jordan said.

The models were also asked what their goals for the show were.

“My goal is to have a good amount of people come & that they actually consider shopping at our local stores that we promoted,” Beck said.

Other than economic goals, to be expected from marketing students, some of the models had other aspirations.
“I would maybe like to be a model someday. I hope they do this every year,” Scott said.

The fashion show gave students hands-on experience about not only working with actual businesses, but also how to go beyond their comfort zones.

“I hope the show allows me to step out and be more comfortable in front of people. I also hope the school will get to do the show for many years down the line,” Jordan said.

The show gave marketing students business experience, stage experience, nerves, and fun.

“If you are a freshman or even senior and are interested a little in marketing… I would 100% take this class. We do so many fun projects & we have one of the coolest teachers in the school,” Beck said.