MHS students respond to the threat made against MHS

Trail staff

“I thought nothing was going to happen. I just felt indifferent.”
– Ann Huynh (10)

“It was scary and I didn’t know it was going happen to a lot of people that come to school.”
– Erica Statler (10)

“I was kind of worried about it, but I kind of think that nothing’s going to happen. I hope not.”
– Lila Egsieker (10)

From Instagram:

“[The police] made me feel a lot more safe especially [because of] the possibilities.”
– CJ Boxhill (9)

“The threat doesn’t worry me a single bit. It’s just a trend.”
– Avian Davis (12)

“I don’t know. I feel like [the police] should be doing a lot more than standing around.”
– Eleanor Love (10)

“I believe it’s just a copycat from the threats from neighboring schools.”
– Brady Dunn (11)

“People are going to say what they are going to say. It gives the students and parents [an] opportunity to see how the school is going to respond to this threat. I am happy about how [MHS admin handled it].”
-Corynn Luna (10)