Potential threat made against MHS

Police investigation underway; increased police personnel on campus


Caroline Franklin

Added police presence at MHS the morning of Oct. 6, 2022, as teacher Brooke Lloyd, Principal Maggie Walls and SRO Brandon Weathersby and talking outside the Media Center doors at the front of the school

Rebekah Bushmire , Editor-in-Chief

On Wednesday, Oct. 5, Principal Maggie Walls sent out an email to staff and students announcing a potential threat. The email was sent out at 5:34 p.m. yesterday and it included information on how the potential threat had been reported and how a police investigation was underway. The location of the writing that held the potential threat has not been identified.

The email that was released from Mrs. Walls regarding the potential threat (Rebekah Bushmire)

“My thoughts are kids need to not play tricks and play around with threats around schools because we take every threat serious. That’s why we have a show of presence of police today so my thoughts are just with the ridiculous post, don’t share it because you share it you’ll likely get charged with something,” SRO Brandon Weathersby said.

The administration has been working with local authorities.

“It is something always when we’re concerned with student, teacher, and faculty safety that we want to make sure that we take everything seriously. If it was intended as a joke, you know, shame on that person but as far as our perspective from the administrative team and the local police, we want to take anything seriously,” MHS assistant principal Amy Hammock said.

As Homecoming activities start tomorrow, Hammock addressed those with concerns that the threat could impact the week.

“I think we still celebrate and just be very vigilant. We have always said from our students and the adults in the building if you see something say something. So, I think that we are really kind of focusing on that and I think Mrs. Walls’ message reiterated that with our families and staff, so I think having all eyes just being more vigilant and being aware of safety and responsibility, I think it just makes a better school community,” Hammock said.


There is an increased police presence on campus today. (Marjorie Smedley)

Editor’s note: this story is ongoing.

Caroline Franklin and Camilla O’Connell contributed to this story.