Police Chase Goes By Elementary School


Marjorie Smedley

Riley Parkway headed toward Peachtree Elementary.

Marjorie Smedley, Opinions Editor

A high-speed chase occurred the afternoon of Wednesday, September 7 near in a residential area of Peachtree City and ended in an area of Wisdom Road and Riley Parkway, near Peachtree City Elementary School. The chase was the result of felony shoplifting and was started near the Home Depot on Highway 54 West. The chase neared speeds of 90 mph and ended in the outskirts of a school zone, which was active at the time. Parents were picking up their children at Peachtree Elementary when the chase occurred, but no students, staff, or parents were injured and parents were allowed to continue to pick up their students.

Reports from the incident say that it began around 2 PM, with the driver inside the vehicle being stopped by police after being reported for felony shoplifting. The driver then drove off, and “began driving with absolute careless disregard for anybody’s safety,” said Peachtree City Police Department spokesman Chris Hyatt in a press release.

Hyatt said at around 2:24 p.m. the vehicle was spotted by an officer who engaged the vehicle as it turned onto Crabapple Lane on the city’s north side. The officer attempted to immobilize the vehicle by knocking it off the roadway, but the driver regained control and drove onto Ga. Highway 74 driving southbound.

The driver continued driving southbound, and eventually entered the northbound lanes of Highway 74, and then turned onto Wisdom Road, a short road that leads past Peachtree City Elementary School, which was doing student car pickup at the time of the chase.

No one was injured, and the driver and passengers inside the car were arrested once police were able to stop the car on Wisdom Road and Riley Parkway.