Russian President Vladimir Putin Gets Cyberbullied

Generation Z (Gen Z) has lived through some of the most tragic, but impactful, events. There have been numerous school shootings, 9/11, the Boston Marathon bombing, the ongoing climate crisis, the murder of George Floyd and COVID-19, to name a few. While each of these tragedies are different, they’ve greatly contributed to desensitization among Gen Z.
Gen z is the first generation to grow up with the internet, one of the most influential aspects of the 21st century. The internet helped the world become more connected than ever before. his easy access to the world’s information, however, has also helped expose young kids to tragic events from a very early age.
The most recent world event that Gen Z has been exposed to is the war between Ukraine and Russia. Most of the world has given their full support to Ukraine by cutting ties with Russia and publicly defaming Putin. Gen Z has chosen to offer their support in a more unconventional way. They decided to leave very “questionable” comments on Putin’s official social media accounts.
Gen Z has become so desensitized to world events that they turned a very tragic and devastating event into a chance to make a joke. But to some people these “jokes” can come off as tone deaf or inconsiderate.
In the past week, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has been in the world’s eyes. With modern social media and its impact, people all around the world are using their platforms to make comments about how they feel toward Putin. Most comments play on Vladimir Putin’s name, changing it to modern slang such as “Vladdy Daddy”.
@Kesh_zmarde says “Cmon Vladdy Daddy, Chill out babe.” And another Instagram user says “Putin ain’t pushin”. While these comments show where these people stand on the issue, it also uses a modern, joking tone, one that is proof that even world leaders are not unaffected by social media.
Other comments are more extreme, threatening and defaming Putin or commenting on what should happen to him. @begosjohn comments on Yadayada instagram post saying “the only good putin is a dead one.” Others say “ yes he will be dreamy when he is dead.” These comments are less desensitized as they clearly show what the user @believesost comments like this call Gen Z users who are making fun, insensitive because of their jokes.
Gen Z has grown up in a time where using humor to dull pain is increasingly more common, the main reason as to why people make jokes in an intense situation is to try to make light of seriousness, to try and disperse the awkward, and powerful emotions.