Tiger Wood’s Path to Recovery

Izzy Pullias, Arts & Entertainment Editor

On Feb. 23, Tiger Woods was involved in a rollover accident in which he suffered several wounds and severe leg injuries. He apparently lost control of the vehicle and rolled off the side of the highway in the early hours of the morning. He received surgery for these leg injuries on Wednesday, Feb 24, and has started the road to recovery.
Some people have accused Woods’s accident of not have been an accident at all, but recent reporting from the county sheriff indicated that it was purely an accident by Woods and Woods only.
“We don’t contemplate any charges whatsoever in this crash,” Sheriff Alex Villanueva said in a live stream. “We have seen accidents with far less obvious (damage) that are fatalities.”
Firefighters had to pull Woods out of the crash as the car had rolled over onto the driver side door leaving him trapped inside. He was unable to stand on his own, indicating his leg injuries.
According to CNN, the crash’s intensity and threatening injuries could possibly affect Woods’s career as one of the most successful professional golfers, but Woods has come back from other career-threatening accidents in the past. He was involved with another car crash nearly 12 years ago in which he had to take some time off of golf, while also dealing with important family issues.
He was also temporarily arrested for a DUI back in 2017, which most people believe to be one of the darkest moments of his career.
He soon hit the ground running again shortly after by rehabilitating mentally and physically through picking golf back up again. He soon became what he once was again, by soaring in the following Masters tournament.
Golf lovers are on the edge of their seats hoping that Woods has a speedy recovery and is able to bounce back as he did in 2009.