McIntosh Switching to Green Schedule


Landon Wilde , News Editor

The Fayette County Board of Education has developed a plan to slowly start allowing students to take classes in person five days a week. This brick and mortar, Monday through Friday education plan was named “Green Schedule.” FCBOE has stated the case numbers are declining and as a result, “the Fayette County Public School System’s COVID-19 task force, working in conjunction with the Georgia Department of Public Health, has developed a plan to bring “brick and mortar” students back to their schools five days a week,” stated the FCBOE website.
The weekly COVID-19 report for Fayette county schools is located on the FCBOE website.
This plan will not be implemented immediately however. FCBOE has made the decision to gradually phase in the new schedule with the following timeline. Each listed grade will begin the green schedule on the following dates.

Sep. 28 – Oct. 23 third and sixth graders
(announcement made Sep. 18)

Oct. 12 – Oct. 23 fourth and seventh graders
(announcement made Oct. 2)

Oct. 19 – Oct. 23 fifth and eighth graders, and ninth through 12 graders
(announcement made Oct. 12)

“It is important to note that if cases start to trend upward as the phase-in begins, the process will be paused until deemed safe for it to restart,” said FCBOE.
Instructions for a full time face-to-face learning plan can be found on the FCBOE website.