Senior Class to Have a July “Senior Weekend”


Class of 2020 will have a virtual graduation on May 22, as well as a traditional graduation scheduled for August 1. Photo via Canva

Samantha Cornett, Editor in Chief

Since Georgia Governor Brian Kemp gave his executive order to close all public schools, elementary, secondary and post-secondary through the remainder of the school year, many school traditions did not take place. The administration is working to find ways to preserve whatever they can of those traditions, even during these unknown times.
Class dues is one way some of these traditions get paid for. For the senior class, after having the end of the year taken from them, did not get many of these traditions other classes will.
Senior dues, according to Assistant Principal Daniel Lakly, pay for cap and gowns,
diplomas, the senior welcome back breakfast, the senior banquet and door prizes, the senior shirts, graduation practice breakfast and the class gift.
Graduation will take place virtually on May 22, but Fayette County schools have also planned a senior weekend from July 31 to August 1. They will end the weekend with a traditional graduation on August 1 for the senior class. The weekend will give them an opportunity to participate in some of the traditions they have seen their schools do for seniors over the years.