Ins and Outs of the Lunch Lines: New Software System



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Nakia Harmon, Opinions Editor

On Jan. 15, the cafeteria at McIntosh High School began to use new software that allows students to purchase items during lunch with their student ID cards. Students still have the choice of typing their student ID number into the keypad. When students reach the cashiers at the end of the lunch line, they take out their student ID card which is then scanned causing a picture of themselves to appear on the screen of the cashier to verify that the items are charged to the right student. This software was installed in the McIntosh High School cafeteria to get students in and out of lunch lines. “My goal is to get the lines moving and lunch accounts up,” said School Nutrition Manager Mrs. Drake. The name of the new software is Heartland MOSAIC BACK OF THE HOUSE. The first high school in Fayette County that began to use this software in their cafeteria was Fayette High School. Throughout the course of Jan., four to five schools went “live” which was the word given to describe a cafeteria that began its first day of utilizing this software each week.