Chorus students get their buddy

Audra O’Clair, Staff Writer

The chorus program held a buddy day on Thurs. Nov. 21 which gave students in the chorus program an opportunity to meet their buddy and bond over breakfast food.

Every chorus student takes a test at the beginning of the year with questions about their interests. Based on their responses, they are paired up with someone with similar interests in the chorus program.

The purpose of the buddy system is for students to meet someone new and form a relationship with them. The upperclassmen in the chorus program help out the lowerclassmen by offering advice, a helping hand or friendship. This helps the freshmen and new students ease into McIntosh by knowing someone with similar interests who can help them or make them more comfortable.

It also makes the chorus program grow closer as a family because relationships and friendships form between students outside of their class making it highly interconnected.

“The impacts I’ve seen are new students getting encouraged and less nervous around older chorus students. I’ve seen kids feel more appreciated,” said choral director Hannah-Beth Lee. “I have the best chorus buddy job because I get to see how much it brightens every kids’ day when they get a surprise note or gift from their buddy.”

Chorus students are encouraged to reach out to their buddy and interact with them outside of school. Buddies are meant to inspire each other by writing good luck notes before a concert or bring their buddy’s favorite candy as a holiday present. The buddy system is just another way that helps the chorus program keep positive and grow closer together.