Chief News Outreach 11/15

Chief News Outreach 11/15


Audra O’Clair

Throughout Iraq, anti-government protests have begun. These protests have left hundreds of protesters dead from the Iraqi Security Forces pushing back the protesters. Even high school students beginning to participate in the protests have been affected by the security forces use of tear gas and forceful pushing back. The Iraqi Prime Minister, Adil Abdul Mahdi, who agreed to resign due to these anti-government protests, said that the young generation is leading a movement that “shakes the entire country.” Officials have attempted to regain control of the people through the use of lethal force as well as using curfews and internet blackouts.



Jackson Johnson

A San Diego State University student was hospitalized after attending a party hosted by a fraternity and was later announced dead. Early Thursday, Nov 7 university police were notified that a student in the residence hall was in need of medical attention. Dylan Hernandez, 19, was taken to the hospital and died Sunday morning. While it was not released what the cause of Hernandez’s death or if drugs and alcohol played a role, a total of 14 fraternities including the one Hernandez was pledged into Phi Gamma Delta were suspended soon after.



Izzy Pullias

During the Whitewater vs. McIntosh, two cars were broken into and robbed on Nov. 8. The cars belonged to two students, and the car was broken into by someone breaking the window of the two cars. The Fayette County sheriff’s department is on the lookout, and already have a number one suspect. The suspect has apparently stolen two purses as well. The department continues to investigate the situation now.