PATH Teacher of the Month Nominations


Audra O'Clair

Audra O'Clair, Staff Writer

Every month in the Chiefs Connection, students are given a link to nominate one of McIntosh’s teachers or staff members they believe to follow PATH exceptionally well. The members of the PATH board make decisions regarding the decisions for students and teachers of the month are made up of students, teachers, administrators, guidance counselors and parents to get differing views and ideas as a way to finalize and converse about decisions. There is a PATH student of the month chosen by teachers as well as a PATH teacher of the month chosen by students. Students are asked to provide feedback as to how the teacher or staff member has positively impacted them. It originally started with PATH student of the month and it slowly transitioned to recognizing both teachers and students.

“Students have said super encouraging things like teachers who go out of their way to help students grasp the hard concepts in their class, teachers that teach students more than just the subject matter like life lessons,” said Hannah-Beth Lee, McIntosh choral director and member of the PATH board. “And teachers that are intentionally encouraging or taken an interest in their students outside of the classroom activities or hobbies and support them in those ways.”

The original PATH student of the month was a way for teachers to recognize students but teacher encouragement to students is just as important as students encouragement to teachers. The PATH teacher nominations is a way for students to comment about teachers who have helped them throughout school and encourage the teachers to keep going above and beyond the school standards.

“In one of our professional development days, we asked the teachers what are some of the meaningful ways of recognition that you appreciate and feel recognized. A lot of people wrote a meaningful note of encouragement from a student or parent,” said Lee. “We give students a space to write what that teacher means to them, and then we share those comments with the teachers, so that way they’re simply encouraged.”

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