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Adelaide Barrett and Landon Wilde



Adelaide Barrett


Amidst California’s ongoing wildfire crisis, the Pacific Gas and Electric Co. has announced plans for a Public Safety Power Shut Off. As a preemptive safety measure in high fire-threat areas, the shut off would leave residents, schools, and businesses without power for up to a week. The National Weather Service issued a Fire Weather Watch earlier this week, and counties across California are preparing for particularly dry and windy conditions that could cause a rapidly spreading fire. 




Landon Wilde


Plans for the new Fayetteville city hall have been approved and preparations to start constructing it are underway. Some of the new features include not only an all-new city hall and additional office spaces but also plenty of land for parks, gardens, fountains, a playground, and a splash pad. A 10-acre plot of land was purchased from the school system to host these new features. Groundbreaking happened on Oct. 1, and demolition will start later this year. The construction fund for all of these new features is expected to cost a total of $25 million. The construction is expected to last until late 2020 or early 2021. This project is considered “The beginning of the revitalization of downtown Fayetteville,” Mayor Ed Jhonson said.