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Debate Team’s first tournament of the year

Dani Davis, Staff Writer

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 The MHS debate team had their first tournament of the year on Sept. 8. Team members both old and new were given the opportunity to grow and learn at this tournament, especially the novice debaters whom attended their first ever debate competition.

“I thought it was a really good first tournament because, it allowed many of our novices to experience the debate atmosphere for the very first time,” Ward Abel, the debate teacher and coach, said.

Several students even placed in the rankings and were awarded for their efforts and success. Juniors Archie Chaudhury, Dhanush Avva, Caroline Zhang, Jennifer Deng, and sophomores Libbie Larson and Ananya Pemraj all walked away placing in different categories or winning awards. In the category of extemporaneous speaking, also known as extemp in which the debater is given a limited time period on sight to prepare and give a brief speech on any particular topic given,  Archie Chaudhury placed in 6th overall and Dhanush Avva placed 2nd overall. In the division of varsity public forum, Caroline Zhang placed 3rd overall for her speaking qualities alongside making it into the quarter-finals with her partner Jennifer Deng. Libbie Larsen and Ananya Pemaj, also in the category of varsity public forum, a division where debaters compete in partner sets of two, were able to walk away from the tournament making it into the semifinals. The competitive scene of tournaments is exciting to many of the debate team members as they look forward to seeing both their own personal growth, along with the growth and experience of other school’s teams. 

“I really enjoy going to debate tournaments and being able to be a part of the debate team, said sophomore Ananya Pemraj. “It’s interesting to meet other teams and be able to recognize different schools as the season progresses.”

More than winning a plaque and placing as a finalist, many debaters on the team have said that debate has helped them expand their abilities far beyond the score sheets both on the topic of debate, and also in general social situations and understanding politics.

“Debate helps you learn not only about politics, but also it helps you discover your own views” said sophomore Alex Norman. For many, debate is one of their all-time favorite hobbies because, of course they find it enjoyable, along with providing opportunities to them.  “Debate is a phenomenal opportunity to discover more not only about current events, but about yourself” said sophomore Libbie Larson.

The debate team is continuing to work on their partner sets and public forum position papers in their club meetings every Wednesday. They are hoping to bring home more titles to promote the debate team.


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Debate Team’s first tournament of the year