Interact Club participates in Toys for Tots drive

Samantha Cornett, Editor in Chief

The Interact Club participated in a Toys for Tots drive for kids in the Fayette County area. They started their drive in mid November, and it will continue until December 18. They have collected at multiple locations throughout Fayette County to collect toys.

Club adviser Ms. Zoila Curtis said, “We had great success in the collection, which will benefit children in Fayette County. My favorite moments were once in November when a little boy entered with his parents and returned with a toy, and [on December 3], we had a repeat performance, but this time it was a little girl who gave us the toy. The experience was emotionally rewarding because Fayette County residents are very generous to lesser privileged children.”

Sophomore Kate Cullen, who collected toys for the club at Walmart, said, “We had a really great time collecting toys and donations, and I was more than happy to see so many people contribute to others in the community.”

Sophomore Blaise DeGolian, who also helped Kate collect toys at Walmart, said “Volunteering outside of Walmart with Kate and Mallory was so much fun. We collected toys for children that are in need within our community, and it felt great knowing that we were going to put a smile on a child’s face during the holidays.”