Hype Up with Dress-Up

Theme-filled days led to Homecoming success

This year, Homecoming had the problem of having a four-day break leading up to events. Principal Maggie Walls had decided to start dress-up days on Friday, October 7, the week before homecoming week, to give students more time for traditional events.

Dress up days were: Holi-day Friday, Oct. 7, Pj Day Wednesday, Oct. 12, Character Day Thursday, Oct. 13, and Spirit Day Friday, Oct. 14.

For Holi-day, friends Skylar Beck and Linday Cherry had partner costumes – one went as Father’s Day and the other as Mother’s Day.

“Honestly, this is what I did last year and we thought our senior year we should do something cute and matching,” Beck said.

“I’ve always wanted to dress as a mom,” Cherry said.

Some students found PJ Day to be not as entertaining as  Holi-day.

“I asked my dad if I could wear some of his pajamas, so he brought down his New York football Giants. I’m from New York,” Grace Scott (11) said.

There were plenty of suitable outfits for Character Day. They varied from dressing as Adam Sandler to students’ favorite anime characters.

“I am dressed as Mizuki Akiyama from Project Sekai. She is my favorite character and I’ve been playing Project Sekai a lot recently,” Anne Johnson (10) said.

Spirit Day allowed students to wear their assigned class colors. Freshmen wore white, sophomores wore green, juniors wore black and seniors wore togas.

Lindsay Cherry (12) left, Skylar Beck (12) right. (Ava Flores)
Grace Scott (11) dresses up for PJ day in her Dad’s clothes. (Ava Flores)
Anne Johnson (10) dresses up as a video game character for character day. (Ava Flores)
Jack Carmichael (12) wears toga for his last spirit day. (Chelby Gambrel)