Homecoming 2022 Parade: Glow the Night Away

Rebekah Bushmire, Editor-in-Chief

The McIntosh Homecoming parade began at 4:30 p.m. on Oct 13, and students, staff and parents gathered to observe, create and take part in it. Students and staff created floats for their respective organizations, such as student clubs, cheer and football teams from both J.C. Booth and McIntosh. The people on the floats brought candy and trinkets to give to people waiting on the sides of the parade route, including many children. However, in addition to all the joy, two floats broke down some ways into the parade. The academic bowl participated in a green Volkswagen van which was unable to perform after a while, leaving the students stranded, and one of the French Club’s carts also broke down. All students made it back to their respective classrooms despite the situation.

Ryan LeVan


Jamie Lee Artiles (12) and Dominic Zamboni (12) wave to the crowds gathered to watch the parade. Both Zamboni and Artiles are running for the senior Homecoming court. (Mikayla Mills)
MHS Football players throw candy to those watching the parade. (Mikayla Mills)
The MHS Chiefettes followed the theme of “Glow the Night Away” with neon wigs on their Homecoming parade float. (Mikayla Mills)