McIntosh Royalty Is On The Court

28 students were selected by their peers to be the 2022 Homecoming Court nominees


Mikayla Carrino, Staff Writer

On Oct. 14, McIntosh football will play Charles R. Drew High School. Kickoff will be at 7:30 p.m. then, during halftime, the homecoming court will be announced. The ballots were cast last week for each grade level and students have been voting for the culminating announcement of those who will hold court this year.

Homecoming court is a student-based ballot where students vote for other students to win freshman Lord or Lady, sophomore Duchess and Duke, junior prince and princess and senior King and Queen. Students nominate to be chosen to be on the field to show and inspire their school pride during Spirit Week.

“I wanted to [be on the ballot] because I knew a lot of my friends from previous years [had done it] and I thought it would be fun,” freshman Kamara Smith said.

Smith is hoping to be a positive impact in her four years of high school. She is excited about getting to know more students here at McIntosh and can’t wait to see her classmates and upperclassmen on the court.

“I want to win because I feel like I have a lot of [good connections] with many different people, and I know how to be with all of them I am not just a one-sided person,” Smith said.

Although many students vote for their friends, one supportive student named Anthony Guevara, voted for his injured classmate, Brandon who was on the ballot.

“For homecoming [Freshman Court], I voted for someone because he just got injured so I think he deserves this,” Guevara said.

Sophomore Armaan Chadha is a part of the marching band and President of the Unity Club. Chadha is on the final nominated ballot and doesn’t know how to feel.

“One of my friends signed me up and now I am on the court.I guess it would just be a massive surprise to me if I win,” Chadha said.

Mason Green is a junior on the ballot for the third time and is excited about it again. Green has won every year since he was a freshman.

“I wanted to be on the ballot my junior year and senior year, I want to get all four years of high school, it’s an experience,” Green said.

Senior Regan Vetter sees a chance to start her last year at McIntosh with a highlight and took it.

“I put my name on the [queen] ballot because I thought it would be fun and put me outside of my comfort zone. I also knew the worst that could happen would be that I didn’t make it on, and I was okay with that. I don’t necessarily want to win, but instead have fun with my friends on the court, winning would just be a bonus,” Vetter said.