Senior Legacy: Zara Morgan


Savannah Hayes

Zara Morgan, a senior and the Managing Editor of the McIntosh Trail.

Savannah Hayes, News Editor

How have you made McIntosh a better place, what was your contribution to the campus?
“I think my biggest contribution to campus is like more of the stories that I wrote and for the McIntosh Trail. Also this year, I started the knitting and crochet club with my friend Madison Cassel-Hughs, who’s also a senior, so that’s another contribution I made.”
How have you made the Trail a better program, what was your contribution to the publication?
“Aside from my articles, as managing editor, I think I’ve helped people become better writers. I also think that my stories themselves have contributed to the website’s overall quality.”
What college do you plan on attending?
“I plan on attending the University of Alabama, because I really love the campus. I’m super excited to potentially be joining the journalism program. A bunch of my family has gone there, so I’ll be like the fifth generation of my family going to Alabama, that’s also very exciting. I’ve just always loved Alabama.”
What will you be studying?
“I will be majoring in marketing just because I knew I wanted to major in something in business, but I wanted to do something that was more of a collaborative side, so I went with marketing. I’m going to minor in news media, which is basically like a more specialized version of journalism; because, I don’t know if I want to be a journalist when I grow up, but I definitely do want to continue exploring that option and see what opportunities come my way.”
If you have plans other than college, what are they?
“Right now I really don’t, I mean, I guess beyond college, I don’t have that many plans. Most of my plans mostly revolve around seeing what type of opportunities, what type of internship are provided for me at Alabama, kind of what classes interest me. I know I definitely want to do something in the marketing realm like something in business, but I don’t really know anything specifically.”
What are some words of wisdom that you have for returning staffers or newcomers to the Trail?
“I guess my biggest advice is to be clear about what you need. Your editors are here to help you and they want to help you in the best way they can. The only way that your editors can help you is through letting them know what you need. Usually if you tell them you need help, they will definitely be more lenient with deadlines and stuff. If you don’t tell anyone anything they’re just going to assume things that probably aren’t true.”