Sources of Strength May Activities


Estrella Jones, Staff Writer

With only four weeks left of the school year, clubs around campus are trying to go out with a bang. One of these clubs is Sources of Strength. This club focuses on bringing emotional and mental wellness to the school to prevent suicide and make the school environment a better place. In May, the Sources of Strength club is spreading wellness around the school. Wellness refers to being in good health and pursuing health in all aspects of life as a goal. Posters will be put up, and helpful tips about wellness can be seen on the announcements.

On May 16-20, the club will be having a wellness week. This week is focused on helping students prepare mentally for exams. The theme for that week is “Just Keep Swimming”; it’s meant to encourage students to continue to push against the hardship of life.
Sources of Strength has planned multiple activities during lunches and after school to lessen student and teacher stress during the last weeks of school. August Moss, a member of the Sources of Strength Club and a sophomore at McIntosh High School said, “I hope these activities will help the school unwind before exams.”

Janell Brown the advisor for the club and a teacher here at McIntosh said, “We will have two game days in the courtyard, raffles, and giveaways through TikTokchallenges and more.” Activities also include yoga classes, a coloring table, and a sticky note collage during lunch. The Sources of Strength ticktock handle is @cheifsourcesofstrength.

Moss said, “We’re planning a possible water fight after school, stay tuned to the Sources Of Strength Instagram for more information.” The Sources of Strength Instagram handle is @cheifsourcesofstrength.

Sources of Strength hopes to make the lives of each student better by focusing on being well, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Brown said, “The hope is to have some fun before finals and enjoy our time together.”

Bringing Mcintosh together as the school year ends is the goal, the club aims to make sure students know how to cope with hardships and anxieties, as well as become well and heal over the summer and next school year. Jordyn Mobley a senior at McIntosh High School and another member of the club said, “I think being a part of the campaigns has helped me really understand the struggles students go through and has helped me help other people.” It’s never too late to join the Sources of Strength club. Join by contacting Janell brown @[email protected] or meeting with her in room #218.