Kindness Matters: The Unity Project


Estrella Jones, Staff Writer

There are many clubs at McIntosh High School, including the Kindness Matters club. This club focuses on making the school and Peachtree City a better place.

“The main purpose of this club is to unite the community,” says senior Tracy Guo, vice president of the Kindness Matters club.

The Kindness Matters Club finds volunteer opportunities for students who need them. These opportunities not only look excellent on college applications but also help the student better themselves and the community through service.

Mental health is a very important piece of improving students, teachers, and the community’s well-being. Guo explains, “I had the idea of incorporating mental health into the kindness matters club. This month to spread kindness throughout the school we are writing letters to the teachers and staff of McIntosh.”

These letters were written to help teachers and staff know how much they are loved and appreciated by students. “Teachers’ mental health is important too,” Guo says. In order to make this society better, everyone’s mental health must be improved so that everyone can be happier and kinder. The letters that were written should go out sometime this week.

This club has strengthened the community and the people in it. It has caused people like Karima Wakili, a sophomore at McIntosh High School, to realize that though there are flaws in society there can also be a way to fix them. Spreading kindness is a good way to fix social problems which is why as Guo says “Kindness matters club spreads kindness throughout the school and community.” As McIntosh strives to create a better environment, it can also impact the environment outside of the school making Peachtree City a better and stronger community.

Wakili, a recent newcomer of the Kindness Matters Club says, “I think it’s important for students to do volunteer work because they need to give back to their community.”