What Have Teachers Learned During Virtual Learning?

Brennan Robinson, Staff Writer

Students who are in brick-and-mortar have talked about how teachers are handling virtual learners. Some teachers are going back and helping the quarantined kids with their work. Others are leaving the students in the dust, while they try to pick up the pieces of what was left behind.
Grace Cannon, a biology teacher. is glad that even though the school is on yellow or red students can still learn at the same time as the students who are actually in class. Teachers have learned to manage their time better at home by having to teach students at the same time as they spend with their families. Cannon commented, “Teaching during this time has certainly been a chance to learn to be flexible, to task/time manage, to learn how to spend all the extra needed time developing new virtual lessons, while still trying to maintain a personal life,” said Cannon. “Spending time with my family then working very late at night was the theme of going yellow.”

Jennifer Scott, who teaches English said in an interview that, “I feel like this whole situation has made me realize what is important with education–the relationship with the students.”
Scott said that she missed interacting with the students.“It is one thing to interact through a Zoom meeting, but quite another to see a student in person,” said Scott.
In-person, the teacher can talk to students face to face and help them with the problem they are facing. Some students may learn better on their own rather than with a teacher, while others may not and need that extra help from teachers.

When asked, Melissa Holt, a math teacher, answered back, “I would like for the school year to start later in the month of August. Teachers have to be here for pre-planning a week prior to school starting which means we are back in the building the last week in July.”
Holt is seeing significantly better student participation when using Zoom during at home learning days. She also said, “ Students struggle with motivation while working from home if they are not given some structure to help facilitate their learning.”