Humans of McIntosh: Celene Bennett


Jordyn Mobley, Editor in Chief/A&E Editor

McIntosh is a diverse school where all walks of life come together to create the student body. There are many ways to get involved in the community and leave your mark on the school. For freshman Celene Bennett, getting involved in her community and schools comes from doing her part as Parliamentarian in student government.

Bennett has been engaged in student government since she was in middle school. She loved the idea because it gave her a chance to help out around the school. The Parliamentarian position allows her to interact with the ninth grade students while also helping her fellow representatives.

She joined student government with her two friends, Athena Manalo and Karena Pemu, and they work well together. “The two of them wanted to run for President and Vice President,” Bennett said, “I decided that if I ran for Parliamentarian, we could all work well as a team as ninth grade representatives.”

There haven’t been many challenges that have arisen with the position because the student government gets along extremely well and they know how to handle disagreements. Some of her goals include making sure that students know they have support when feeling stressed and planning for an incredible prom experience for the class of ‘22.

Bennett also does volunteer work outside of school. “Most of the time, my volunteer work is for MHS, but occasionally I’ll volunteer at local elementary schools or consignment shops,” said Bennett.

She participates in six different clubs: Student Government, Academic team, Key Club, Spanish Club, Ambassadors, and the Debate Team. Bennett is also part of the chorus here at McIntosh.

Bennett said that one of the best parts about being in student government is being able to be involved with the school. “It’s great to help out with events and become closer to Athena, Karena and Chloé, who are also a part of student government,” said Bennett

“It’s great to help out with events and become closer to Athena, Karena and Chloé who are also apart of student government.””

— Celene Bennett

She enjoys hanging out with friends and family, riding her bike, going on walks, and babysitting her younger cousins. Bennett plans to make a big impact on the school throughout her years here at McIntosh.